NX Factors Cosmetics to Host Exclusive Launch Party in Chicago on Friday, November 2nd


NX Factors Cosmetics, a new cosmetics company that celebrates multi-cultural beauty, will debut its innovative line of cosmetics, skincare products, and brushes at its official launch event on Friday, November 2 from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. at Little Black Pearl Art & Design Center, located at 1060 East 47th Street in Chicago. This special event will include complimentary beauty services; makeup tutorials by Niehla O, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Fashion Designer; mini-manicures by Dudley Beauty College; and a book signing with Monique Bledsoe, author of the new dramatic novel, Afterthoughts—sequel to her first book, Alter Ego.

NX Factors Cosmetics Founder & CEO, Nathaniel Johnson, is appreciative of the love that his brand has already received and is looking forward to a successful launch event in Chicago. He states, “I’ve created and designed a unique line of beauty products that can be appreciated by all women—no matter their age, skin color, or ethnicity. This launch event will allow attendees an opportunity to experience the products in an upfront, close, and intimate way.”

All beauty trend spotters and makeup aficionados are invited to attend. Tickets for the launch event can be purchased online by clicking here. Event proceeds will be given to a local charity. The online ticket donation is $10.00; at the door is $15.00.

Check out our interview with NX Factors Cosmetics Founder & CEO Nathaniel Johnson, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Fashion Designer Niehla O, and author Monique Bledsoe. 

Nathaniel Johnson, Founder & CEO of NX Factors Cosmetics

What or Who inspired you to work in the beauty industry?


I was inspired to work in the beauty industry for a variety of reasons. For one, it is in my “DNA,” which means that because I was exposed to the beauty industry at such a young age, it is like imprinted within me. My mother, Jean Johnson, worked for Fuller Products when I was only 5 years old, so I was truly exposed to very highly successful men and women of color at a very young age. 

As with many people of color who received their positive images of themselves in magazines like Ebony, Jet, Essence, and Black Enterprise, I saw with my own eyes the power of being around people of color–once very poor–lives change for the better, because of Mr. Fuller and Fuller Products. Another successful businessman that inspires me is Mr. Joe Louis Dudley, Sr., the Co-Founder of Dudley Products. As Mr. Fuller transitioned to retirement, he sold Fuller Products to Mr. Dudley, which in turn created one of the most successfully hair care companies that I have ever seen. But my mother, Jean Johnson, that is my greatest inspiration.

NX Factors Cosmetics Powder Blush

How important is it for you to be known as a multi-cultural company?

We are a multi-cultural company because of the clients who purchase our products. Within the first week of launching our website, we had more inquiries from the United Kingdom than the United States and I had made arrangements to get orders to this client base. Many of this clientele know that I am a person of color, but they don’t care about my gender or my race–they just want our products because of the superior quality and because it’s affordable to them. Don’t be surprised if the second launch event takes place in London or Paris!   

What can we expect to see at the event launch for NX Factors Cosmetics?

At this event people can come to celebrate themselves and feel good about themselves. Cosmetics have a way of inspiring us. We will have a beauty bar station that will be headed by Celebrity Makeup Artist Neihla Ollie. Neihla is such a beautiful and down to earth person that truly cares about her craft as a make-up artist. From working with actress Angela Basset to Actor David Mann, her portfolio of work in the beauty industry is awesome and cannot even be compared. Additionally, we will have two Nail Bar stations sponsored by the Dudley Beauty College-Chicago (and yes, Dudley Beauty College System is a part of Dudley Products and I am very honored they agreed to be a part of the event launch). Moreover, Monique Bledsoe, will be our Literacy Sponsor with her new novel, Afterthoughts. She is a young lady with a lot of great potential and my desire for Monique and Niehla is to have greater success in the years to come.

Niehla O, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Fashion Designer

What or Who inspired you to pursue a career in makeup?  

My mom is a “makeup girl,” so makeup played an integral role in my development as a woman. I saw it as a fun and fabulous enhancement. As a teen, I would observe ladies that rode the public transportation with me, as I was headed to school. I’d find my self doing head to toe makeovers, in my mind. It may sound silly, but when I think back on that, it shows me that I’ve always been a person that can look at an individual as a blank canvas, and see their full “aesthetic” potential in my own mind. Makeup has SUCH transforming qualities, internally, as well as externally. In all, it’s that opportunity to change a woman’s life that inspires me and KEEPS me inspired.

Throughout your career, you have worked with many celebrities and traveled to a number of places —what has been the highlight of your career thus far?

The highlight of my career, has definitely been the opportunity that I had to go to the Grammy’s in 2007 with one of my clients, and sit in the third row. OMG, Amazing!!! It was more than I had ever dreamed of, but it taught me to dream bigger.

What are your favorite products from the NX Factors Cosmetics line? Also, what is your top beauty tip for people who wear makeup?

My favorite NX Factors products, hmmmm, where do I begin? Let me try to streamline my response. I am classically an “eyes girl” like so many people. I live for fabulous eye shadow colors. So I am sooooo in love with the loose pigment eye shadows, called Eye Lights. Some of my favorite colors are Ambition, which is a beautiful sparkling gold and Soft Rose, which is an amazing iridescent pink. They are rich in color and very blendable. Love, love, love Eye Lights!!! 

My top beauty tip for people who wear makeup is that blending is key. The key element for a beautifully painted face is a well-blended face. So… if your makeup looks like “paint by numbers” when you think you’re done, go back in and BLEND, BLEND, BLEND. Please and Thank you. LOL.

Monique Bledsoe, Author of Afterthoughts

Why did you decide to write Afterthoughts?

Afterthoughts is a sequel. To answer that question, I have to explain why I wrote Alter Ego. To be honest, I was unhappy with my own career choices, and I remembered hearing, ‘if you are looking for happiness, try to remember the last time you felt happy doing something, and do that.’ I don’t know where it came from, maybe Oprah or Ellen, but it worked for me. I began to write–or more accurately–rant about my current situation. After boring myself to death, I wished the story were different, and imagined the characters doing or saying things that I couldn’t do or say myself (hence the title Alter Ego). Towards the end of Alter Ego, I began to wonder, ‘What if Kirsten’s happy ending, isn’t at all the ending that she had hoped for, what if it’s better?’ So, here you have it, Kirsten gets her dream job and her ideal man. The question becomes, whether or not she is mature enough handle it and what obstacles will stand in her way?

What can we expect from you in the future?

I am committed to 3 stories at this time (a romantic comedy/ action mystery {series}/ and a drama dealing with domestic violence and the role it plays in the lives of modern women), which I hope to release soon. However, over the last four years, since writing Alter Ego, I have written outlines to over 100 fiction stories.  Some of which I don’t have the life experience to give justice to them yet. So I will be writing for years to come.


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  • NX Factors Cosmetics Powder Blushes
    NX Factors Cosmetics Powder Blushes
  • Beauty Model Erin
    Beauty Model Erin
  • Monique Bledsoe, Author of Afterthoughts
    Monique Bledsoe, Author of Afterthoughts
  • Niehla O, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Fashion Designer
    Niehla O, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Fashion Designer
  • Nathaniel Johnson, Founder & CEO of NX Factors Cosmetics
    Nathaniel Johnson, Founder & CEO of NX Factors Cosmetics
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